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Outdoor Gym QR CODE – How to use a 3 person combo?

Instruction (up to 3 users at one time):

  • Sit Up Board: Lie flat on the board, with feet toward the unit. Put feet under the farthest bar (tops of feet pressing against bottom of bar). Placement of knees will be between the board and the closer bar. Lying back flat on the board, lift arms up so user’s hands are near the head. Pull body upward and toward feet. Lie back and repeat as desired.
  • Chin Up Bar: Reach arms up and hold the bar with both hands (either facing both palms out as you grasp the bar, or facing them both inwards). Bending the arms, pull body upwards repeatedly.
  • Dip Bars: Facing the unit, place your body between the bars. Bending arms up and back, grasp the left rail with the left hand, and the right rail with the right hand. Lean forward slightly and push up with arms, bending knees to lift calves and feet backward off ground. Repeatedly lower and raise body by bending arms.


Provides a combination of functions: high-intensity core and arm workout, building the main chest, shoulder, abdomen, and arm muscles.

Exercise Intensity:

Sit Up: Beginner: 20 repetitions | Advanced: 30 repetitions | Elite: 40 repetitions

Chin Up: Beginner: none | Advanced: 10 repetitions | Elite: 20 repetitions

Dip: Beginner: 10 repetitions | Advanced: 15 repetitions | Elite: 20 repetitions


Safety instructions using Outdoor Gym 3 person combo

World Outdoor Fitness 3 person combo || SKU: WOF-14925


  • This unit is designed for 3 users at a time. It is unsafe to stand near the equipment when it is in use by another user.
  • The faster your speed, the greater your risk for injury.
  • If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or otherwise ill, please discontinue use and consult your doctor for exercise guidelines before continuing. If you are under a doctor’s care, please use the equipment per the doctor’s guidelines for intensity and duration.
  • This unit is not designed for children under 12 years old.
  • Placement of hands off the handles on other parts of the unit can be dangerous. Use of the unit outside of its prescribed instructions is not allowed.

Exercise Properties

Strength workout 95
Main muscle groups – arms, chest, back and abdomen 90
Secondary muscle groups – shoulders and back 60