Welcome To World Outdoor Fitness™

World Outdoor Fitness™ is an local South African company that in April 2011 introduced a new and exciting concept that is very popular worldwide – the outdoor gym.

“The outdoor gym is a gym built outside in a public park, with the all-weather construction of its exercise machines somewhat modeled on playground equipment.”

(Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

World Outdoor Fitness™ is one of the leading providers of outdoor fitness equipment to public and private parks, schools, hotels, government agencies and municipalities. Our unparalleled quality and price cannot be beaten – neither can our commitment to customer service. Our inventory of equipment is ready to install from our warehouses in Laser Park, Honeydew – Gauteng and Hillecrest in Durban.

Who Is World Outdoor Fitness™

To bring the outdoor gyms into each and every community in South Africa.
If you say you do it – do it right!.
To curb lifestyle diseases and help create a happy and healthy nation.
On time and on budget.

Our Crazy Skills

Outdoor gym installation 90
Water spray parks 95
Outdoor gyms design 85
Playground equipment 75

Welcome to a new world of fitness and health. A more pleasant, healthy and optimal environment can easily be part of every community’s day. The vision of World Outdoor Fitness, is to make the outdoor workout. experience accessible to every individual and every family Whether it’s in a park, a residential complex, a retirement village, hotel, school, at the beach, or even in the heart of the bustling city, working out on exercise equipment in the open air is a unique experience that in addition to providing a way to stay fit, shapes a healthy community. Mayors and community leaders worldwide, who care about their community’s well being and health, have recognized that with a small financial investment, they can build a colorful and vibrant fitness park, that instantly increases the residents’ degree of satisfaction. Building owners know that creating a park such as this in their residential complex automatically increases its worth and provides a best added value.

Studies show that exercise equipment that was installed in retirement villages contributed to the residents’ quality of life and health. Schools integrate the exercise equipment in their physical ed. programs and thus the athletic achievements of their students are significantly improved. Working out in the open air provides one of a kind quality time for the entire family and no less important, the experience is absolutely free, no payment is required, So no need to belong to a health club or to dress in stylish sports gear. All it takes is going outside, having a good time, smiling and yes, working up a little sweat. It’s true not everyone wants or can afford to be a member of an exclusive health club, but every individual in the community is entitled to fine health and a quality lifestyle.

World Outdoor Fitness’ exercise equipment was meticulously designed by a team of doctors and the finest fitness trainers and has already been installed in many cities around the world

So join our success and provide every citizen and community resident an opportunity for a more enjoyable and healthy life

WORLD OUTDOOR FITNESS – The original outdoor gyms