WORLD OUTDOOR FITNESS™ understands the significance of quality and resilience. All our products are fully guaranteed to meet South African specifications and standards. The  construction and materials are built to weather the great South African outdoors.

Quality assured by

ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certificate

TUV – European Supervision and Testing Approval Authority Certification

Outdoor fitness products are built to last and retain their original strength with little or no maintenance.

all equipment is constructed of SAE 1040 medium carbon steel, 3mm thickness galvanized steel and all bearings are made from stainless steel with cast steel rollers therefore do not require lubrication.

–       five layers of  fiberglass are used to construct all seats and stepping platforms

–       Steel parts are cold galvanized for rust protection (crucial for bay-side Councils)

–       metal parts receive a 0.2mm  powder coating (Certified by SGS Global)

–       layer of polyurethane UV3 is applied to all metal parts for ultraviolet protection

The Outdoor fitness products are installed on concrete , equipment is set in a solid concrete base