Outdoor gym has many advantages when comparing to indoor gym:


  •   Encourages people who are not necessarily fitness enthusiasts to participate as the equipment provides a less intimidating atmosphere than a typical gym setting, particularly for beginners and providing a more approachable, welcoming environment.
  •  Outdoor fitness gives you more than an indoor gym. Exercising outdoors increases serotonin levels and introduces Vitamin D into your system, boosting overall mood and well-being.
  • When installed next to playground equipment gives opportunity to parents and older kids not to sit idly when kids are playing.
  • Social: outdoor gym units are built for 2 or more users concurrently, which encourage motivation and support.
  •   Economic:
  1. Outdoor gyms are free to the end users and open 24 Hr. a day 7 days a week.
  2. The initial investment is a fraction of what it cost to set and indoor gym.
  3. The on-going maintenance of an indoor gym like: electricity, air conditioning, electronic malfunctions, instructors ext. can run up to thousands of Rands per month. There is zero to minimal cost at an outdoor gym.
  4. Real-estate: indoor gym takes up valuable indoor space that can be used as a valuable asset.
  •  Diverse
  1. Encourages a wider variety of users
  2. Builds positive community equity for facilities


If you wish to incorporate an outdoor gym to replace your costly indoor gym you can contact Mrs. Sarit Qwabe at World outdoor fitness – SA 011-4772023 or visit the web site: www.outdoorgym.co.za for further details


Outdoor gym by world outdoor fitness in a cooperate environment; create a motivated and healthy staff.