New and unique playground equipment for South Africa.

Certification: CE&TUV & ISO9001
Suitable ages: 2-12 years old
1, Plastic pieces: intermingle with anti-ultraviolet radiation,
Antistatic and anti-discolor element, strong intension, smooth surface, safe atmosphere
protection, good climate resistance, difficult to fade.
2, Stand column: used diameter 144mm or more standard steel tube, , de-rust, jack-sand with special
technics, high temperature solidify, smooth surface, anti-ultraviolet
radiation ,bright colour, and difficult to fall off.
3, Stage: strong intension punching board, surface shows microwave shape, safe, beautiful and good
skid resistance.
4, Fastener: all fasteners must be stainless steel, and adds the rubbery mat
between fastener and pole must be applied,.
5, The ropes, nets and jumping beds adopt the cable used on sailing boat, the diameter must be
16mm or above, and the center is stainless steel wire wrap glue tube.



  • ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certificate
  • TUV – European Supervision and Testing Approval Authority Certification
  • Products are built to last and retain their original strength with little or no maintenance.
  • All equipment is constructed of SAE 1040 medium carbon steel
  • 3mm thickness galvanized steel
  • All steel parts are cold galvanized for rust protection (crucial for bay-side Councils)
  • All metal parts receive a 0.2mm powder coating (Certified by SGS Global)
  • An additional layer of polyurethane UV3 is applied to all metal parts for ultraviolet protection