Outdoor Gyms on the Map in South Africa

FIND AN OUTDOOR GYM NEAR YOU IN THIS INTERACTIVE OUTDOOR GYM LOCATION MAP     World Outdoor Fitness™- SA is a proudly South African company that in April 2011 introduced a new and exciting concepts which offers a new and innovative way of keeping fit and healthy, at the same time as having fun. By using a mixture of outdoor gym equipment, playground series and boot camps offerings. We're World Outdoor for a Reason: Helping people live healthier lives is what we do, and the devotion to that goal starts with our brand and products. World Outdoor Fitness is the leader of the outdoor fitness and play industry. Our fitness products have a reputation for being durable, reliable and on the cutting edge of both technology and design. We’re proud of our experience and our history as an Outdoor fitness and playground industry pioneer with thousands of units installed throughout South Africa. Our outdoor gyms are located in Johannesburg (Gauteng province), Durban (KZN province), Cape town (Western Cape province), Bloemfontein (Free State province), Pietermaritzburg, Rustenburg (North West province), Umthata (Eastern Cape province), Port Shepston, Benoni, Boksburg, Alberton, Soweto, Midrand, and many more. FIND AN OUTDOOR GYM NEAR YOU IN THIS INTERACTIVE OUTDOOR GYM LOCATION MAP

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OUTDOOR GYM CATALOG World Outdoor Fitness™ is one of the leading providers of outdoor fitness equipment to public and private parks, schools, health industries, and military. Our professional team of outdoor fitness experts will help you to plan & design, install and maintain your outdoor exercise equipment for years to come.

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