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Recumbent bike – WOF-14208


SPEC Length 139 CM Width 52 CM Height 90 CM Weight 40 KG Max users 1 Muscles group: Quadriceps, Hamsstrings, Glutes, Calves, Lower Back, Lower Abs The recumbent bike is a low intensity lower body workout that offers extra stability. recommended in senior outdoor gyms combos. [...]

Disable push chair – WOF-14415


SPEC Length 204 CM Width 92 CM Height  176 CM Weight 70 KG Max users 2 Muscles group: Arms , chest and Back helps build shoulder, back and chest muscles and improve the strength and look of the entire upper body, the combo machine is an essential exercise in every [...]

Triple Rambling – 3 Person Air Walker – WOF-14607


SPEC Length 214 CM Width 42 CM Height  130 CM Weight 55 KG Max users 3 Muscles group: Legs and Hips Air Walker allows for simulation of walking or running without causing possible injury to the knees, hips or joints. The continuous motion allows a natural feel, so it is possible [...]

Butterfly Arm Muscle Trainer / Chest press – WOF-14104


SPEC Length 160 CM Width 79 CM Height  210 CM Weight 50 KG Max users 1 Muscles group: Arm and chest The chest butterfly trainer, using own body weight as a resistance, provides a isolated exercise for the chest muscles. Defined chest muscles add a more balanced and toned appearance [...]